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Missy got picked up on Twitter by a lovely lady: @Ilovepommymommy

This lady is amazing, she rescues these darling dogs…and she has some of her own.

It touches me because my baby is a rescue and I love reading about and looking at pics of other peoples’ pomeranians, especially when they are rescues!

Check out her site, and her lovely little fur babies: http://pommymommy.com/

I love her site and I had to borrow one of her blog entries:


“Pomeranians, are members of the toy group of dog breeds. The ever loving Pomeranian makes a very loyal and friendly pet. Pomeranians are ideal pets for older wanna be dog owners, singles who actually want stability and loyalty in their relationship or anyone living in a small space, like a one bedroom in New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles and any city in-between.

Many groups of dog breeds are classified by their ability to do “work related” tasks, such as “the working group” (guarding property and rescuing the lost… Siberian Huskies, Great Dane, Samoyed), “the sporting group” (Hunting, retrieving and field work… Labrador retrievers, setters, spaniels, pointers) and “the hound group”(Great at howling and also have an extraordinary sense of smell so they can track prey… beagles… blood hounds).

Toy breeds on the other hand were really breed for human companionship. Toy dogs like the Chihuahua, the English Toy Spaniel, and the Pomeranian make it their duty to be at their master’s side at all times. Sometimes at the most inopportune instances but that’s why they make such an excellent pet.

Pomeranians are a very confident breed. With such confidence they have no security issues to who they are and what position they hold as the ultimate sidekick to the leader of the pack. Pomeranians request and then demand your attention, so be ready to keep your new friend entertained at their will. These small dogs have huge personalities. They are little furry balls of energy with lots of intelligence, inquiry and are completely animated.

Pomeranians are extremely suspicious of strangers and treat new people coming to the house with caution, they will voice their opinion by barking repeatedly when meeting these people for the first time, especially in “their” home. You will see by the nature of their protectiveness that they become very attached to you as their master and leader of the pack and will show this protection when they believe you are being threatened.

Pomeranians are a strong-willed dog which undoubtedly requires you to be a confident owner who is not afraid to take charge. If your Pomeranian’s cockiness goes unchecked, it can lead to neurotic behaviors like biting, snapping, moodiness and an all around annoyance.

Although they are strong-willed, Pomeranians are perfectly content on sharing the household with other dogs, even another Pomeranian… or two. If you have never had the pleasure of having a Pomeranian before, it is a good idea to consult an dog trainer who is experienced in training Pomeranians in obedience… this will help to correct any problems early on in the relationship, especially if you rescue one.Pomeranians are very little and have a fragile bone structure and need to be treated with absolute care… so as not to injure your new friend. It is essential to learn methods of discipline that do not involve physical punishment or force. Housebreaking is usually very difficult, but some really great tools such as potty pads along with determination, patience and a smile, will begin and sustain eventual success.

Overall, I can’t think of a better pet than the Pomeranian. These dogs are outstanding and prized for their devotion. They provide such awesome companionship for dog lovers especially ones who live in a confined space. Poms exercise themselves in any space they are provided… when they need exercises they will find a way, even if they have to twirl around to get it. I have a large house and Yoki still loves to twirl.

A devoted lap dog, the Pomeranian is a loyal, protective companion and makes an excellent pet for anyone. If you have a Pomeranian and have questions please feel free to contact us.”

Here’s a pic of Missy the other day ripping through my bag of Subway…lol I wish I had a pic of her wearing lettuce – she went MENTAL for that empty subway wrapper! Oh my girl is so quirky…


My girl, she’s so naturally dainty and prim and proper!  20120428-203341.jpg

Candid shot, she’s stunned but posing20120428-203358.jpg