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Didn’t know what to call it today….

I had a funeral earlier, so I got a Vi shake down in the morning and then this afternoon at the “reception” after the funeral, I had a handful of crackers and cheeses, some fruit and grape tomatoes and chunks of cucumbers + 1 samosa (gahhh grease!)

And then I had these wonderfully delicious apple and banana fritters at “Aunty Joyce’s” when I picked up my little baby from being watched by her all day…what an amazing lady (my 2nd mom) – she provided doggy sitting (and spoils the crap out of Missy) and she makes the best food and there’s always something to eat when you visit her!

Missy even has her own bed there when she visits…


So tonight I was determined to make dinner and package meals for part of the week.

On the menu this evening, lasagna with shrimp in the ricotta cheese mixture (including carrots and mushrooms), topped with mozza & some Daiya cheese shreds – I can’t do full vegan or raw but I will give these things a try!!!

Rather than using the Catelli no boil noodles, today I made the switch to Barilla (for some reason their pasta tastes better) and Martha Stewart loves it LOL! On top of that, it was way better priced (@Target) than buying noodles here and I have yet to find these ones…and they are the BEST ones I have ever used!  They cooked perfectly and the lasagna held it’s shape without falling apart.

This turned out to be one of the BEST lasagnas I have ever made!

I also made kale chips! 2nd attempt – this time I used pink himalayan salt instead of seasoning salt and boy that was the right choice…

Yummy dinner today and I have leftovers for a few meals!